There are a wide range of business challenges that occur when new technology is adopted. However, enterprise-wide digital transformation is at the heart of continuous improvement and growth. Digital strategy is now central to healthcare strategy and can no longer be developed or implemented in isolation from broader transformation efforts.

We help you overcome these challenges


Budget constraints

Meaningful analytics

  Business objections and challenges

Our solution

I already have some digital tools – how does yours fit in?

Unlike other systems, the Atidia Software can easily slot into your existing digital tools. The consultancy service will help work out the best approach.

How do I do more with less money?

Most healthcare systems are already stretched. With the benefits of our solutions, such as reducing cancellations, you can improve clinician’s time and efficiency as well as improving incoming revenue.

How do I create more value for patients, payers and the community?

Atidia is built around the concept of value-based healthcare. It does this by creating a clear vision of opportunities for all stakeholders and demonstrates care for the community that the hospital serves.

How do I find enough staff and deliver experiences that keep them working here?

This is a common dilemma we experience in many of our consultancy meetings and might be seen as a barrier to implementation. The Atidia Approach can actually strengthen the relationship between teams, creating a common understanding of the perioperative challenges. By addressing some of these challenges, staff can become more engaged in their work and commit to staying in a working environment that values and improves their lives and the lives of their patients

How do I integrate care across settings
I don’t control?

The Atidia Consultancy Team work across all your departments and work alongside you to manage the change process. A recent example included at least three different patient systems across four three departments. The result was both a shared understanding of the outcomes and a unified solution for all teams.

Digitally enabled technology architecture is here now

The ability to architect and engineer intelligent digital services, technologies and platforms is no longer options. To deliver on the consumer promise in an agile, cost-effective, and scalable manner while maintaining security.

The underlying enterprise architecture and IT operating model and platforms, digital channels, and integrating infrastructure should enable patients, staff, and partners to interact seamlessly with the system to support its core clinical and business goals.


Integrated partner and alliance ecosystem

The ability to effectively identify, integrate and manage third parties to increase speed to market, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and supplement capability gaps in delivering the consumer promise is a key priority that Atidia can fit into.

As a key partner, Atidia has effective governance and high partner service delivery and performance monitoring in place to support the partnership.