The Digital Adoption

According to the recent KPMG Report, there are several obstacles to the successful adoption of digital solutions

  • Data Security
  • Difficulty sharing patient data and analytics
  • Patient information housed in multiple databases
  • Legacy systems
  • Insufficient budget

We help you overcome these challenges


Privacy and security

Budget constraints

How we do it


Atidia Health

Data security and privacy

Our solution is a cloud based platform with AWS infrastructure that is equipped with the highest level of security.  We comply with HIPAA, Australian Privacy Principles, and other international security frameworks.

Difficulty sharing patient data and analytics

Our system is designed for two way communication, providing you with up to date information that helps you make important business decisions.

Patient information housed in multiple databases

Our system is able to access data from numerous and various platforms, while ensuring that your systems remain the constant source of truth.

Insufficient budget

Atidia is a subscription model based around a tiered
volume of cases.  We work with your hospital to help achieve your goals without breaking your budget.

Legacy systems

Legacy systems are Atidia’ s bread and butter. With over 20 years of clinical and technical systems experience, the Atidia team can work through all legacy systems to create a clear pathway for success.