Waitlist Optimizer

Scheduling surgery is challenging at the best of times, and has become much worse in the aftermath of COVID-19. Right now, waiting lists have grown up to 2-3 times in size, creating a painful bottleneck for patients to get the surgery they need.

It is difficult to know if patients will be in and out of hospital quickly, or how long their stay could last. Currently, staff are trying to figure this out manually, without technology to support them.

Benefits of Waitlist Optimizer

Solved surgical

Reduced empty

Improved theatre

Reduced same day

Improved patient


Waitlist Optimizer

Artificial Intelligence technology that solves the waiting list problem.

Smart Scheduler

Personalised predictive insights to improve scheduling and utilisation

    • RMake informed scheduling decisions
    • ROptimize bed and theatre utilisation
    • RGet more patients into beds, sooner
    • RReduce wastage and excess cost

    Our solution uses AI technology to provide understandable risk predictions, enabling staff to be much smarter about how they schedule cases. The scheduling is more targeted and personalised which leads to optimized ward utilisation.

    For example, see which day patients are likely to have a complication and don’t schedule them in for day surgery.

    Maximise bed utilisation and staff efficiency

    Auto Scheduler

    Automatically schedule surgeries based on risk prediction and bed availability

      • RImprove staff efficiency
      • RIncrease bed utilisation
      • RImprove decision making


      Artificial Intelligence that uses multiple factors to propose a scheduling solution for review. Those factors include ward utilization, current waiting list and personalised predictions of theatre utilisation and surgical risk.

      The scheduling staff have a much more informed schedule, and there is a lot less work for them to do.

      Ensure optimal utilisation of staff resources