Patient Optimizer (POP)

Benefits of Patient Optimizer

patient triage

Decreased delays
in surgery



Minimise postoperative

Improved resource

Decreased strain
on workforce

Clinical decision support that improves your existing preoperative and postoperative workflows to ensure successful outcomes

Preoperative Automation

A smart risk assessment platform that ensures patient safety and operational efficiency

    • RDigital and dynamic health questionnaire
    • RRisk & alert engine
    • RMedication management and advice
    • RAutomated assessment summaries
    • RTouchpoint tracking and audits
    • RSeamless communication

    Remove the guesswork and errors in preoperative planning

    Digital Pathways

    Utilise custom medical and administrative pathways to achieve operational excellence

      • RAdministrative
      • RClinical
      • RSpecialty specific
      • RCustom workflow

      Structured and standardised processes that reduce the time it takes to get things done

      Postoperative Automation

      Prevent complications after surgery, keep patients informed, and make sure that your hospital brand is recognised

        • RClinical follow up
        • RMedication reminders
        • RPREMS & PROMS
        • RSurveys and marketing

        Ensure that patients are safe and satisfied after their procedures

        Financial Savings

        Reduce patient length of stay by 25-40%

        Other Savings

        Unused theatre time

        Reduced nurse burnout & turnover

        Reduced manual administrative tasks